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Linkedin + Facebook= Face-off or Linkbook?

Linkedin recently announced that they will open up their platform for developers to create a Facebook application, and to become more interactive. Will both platforms start flowing into each other, and thereby make one obsolete? If this would be the case, Facebook would probably be the winner because of its broader scope (see TechCrunch).

Do we actually want the two to become one? It could be handy to only have to log into one social networking site, but do we only have or need one social network? Facebook – for me in any case – is all about hooking up with mates and old friends, staying in touch and interacting loosely, getting to know the friends of friends, writing silly stuff on each other’s walls. The profiles are in many case personal and somewhat private. Linkedin is more professionally oriented, serving as an online cv, a job network, a way to see what your friends and peers are up to professionally. It’s the same issue as inviting your boss to your birthday party, or introducing your family to your colleagues: I don’t necessarily need all of my Facebook friends to be Linkedin connections, and not all of my Linkedin connections need to be my Facebook friends.

If anything, there should be a Facebook app that allows you to add your friends to your Linkedin network, and Linkedin itself should become more interactive (see the interesting article by Alex Iskold in January) so you can meet strangers from other networks (like in those Facebook groups dedicated to Linkedin). I believe the two can coexist peacefully and blend into each other to a certain extent. The main challenge for Linkedin will be to create functionality to stay ahead of the competition – not just Facebook but also MySpace and local professional networks.

What do you think about this? Do you use Facebook and/or Linkedin in a different way?

More articles about this can be found on Read/Write web and Mashable.


June 26, 2007 at 3:03 pm 5 comments

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