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Online Clipboard

Here’s another handy online application, to be found at

It allows you to copy and paste between computers in three easy steps:

1. Enter a URL that starts with (example:
2. Paste in anything you want: some text or even a small file. Click ‘Save’ when done.
3. On the other computer open a browser to the same URL. You will find the information you entered in step 2.

No signup, no login. Thanks to StumbleUpon, my new best friend.


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The best online flash games

Grouped together in a dazzling display:

free online flash games

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Handy stuff

If you weren’t already on Firefox, do it now! It can run alongside IE and has great add-ons. Do it for the add-ons.

And here are 80+ file hosting and sharing sites. Lovely internet handiness…

(Thanks again to Mashable)

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Free Fontin’!

Even though my days of poetic creations with Word fonts and unicolor backgrounds are over, I liked this collection of FREE fonts. So if you’re building your own word processor or still looking for that little something special to add spice to your latest novel, why not try out something elegant like

Fontin free font

ǝʇıs unɟ ʇnq ǝldɯıs ʎɹǝʌ sıɥʇ ɥʇıʍ uʍop ǝpısdn ƃuıʇıɹʍ ɹnoʎ uɹnʇ ʇou ʎɥʍ ‘ʇı ʇɐ ǝɹ,ǝʍ ǝlıɥʍ puɐ: Flip?!

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